Introducing our 10,000 tree challenge for 2022!

Shred Station’s team is taking on a new task. This year, they’re aiming to raise enough funds to plant 10,000 trees by the end of 2022.

How will the 10,000 tree challenge work?

Working with tree-planting partners across the globe, Shred Station has already planted trees across six continents. Our 10,000 tree challenge team will work together to raise funds to continue these efforts and will do so by organising numerous fundraising activities throughout the year.

Each activity will see different members of staff working together to meet the same goal of raising enough money to fund the planting of 10,000 trees.

Some of our tasks include:

The Great Shred Station Bake Off – fundraiser complete

Fifteen of Shred Station’s staff members went head-to-head in a baking battle. They sold their bakes to raise money for the 10,000 tree fund. Each bake was scored anonymously on presentation, creativity, taste and texture. With results so close at the top, we decided everyone was a winner. The Bake Off planted 921 new trees in Kenya.

Easter Egg Raffle – fundraiser complete

We raffled off a GIANT Shred Station Easter egg to all of our employees. Our very lucky Operations Coordinator, Darren, won the egg. The raffle planted 470 new trees in Madagascar.

A bowling tournament – fundraiser complete

Putting the fun back into fundraising, our staff took to the lanes to try out their chances at being the Shred Station bowling champion. With an entry fee per bowler, the winner was due to take home half of all entry fees. The other half was set to go towards the 10,000 trees fund. Our Managing Director, Simon, won the bowling tournament and very generously donated his winnings to the 10,000 Tree Fund too! This meant our bowling tournament raised enough money to plant 1,204 new trees in Mozambique.

A Pie Face Day – a fundraiser in progress

Shred Station’s four directors are risking a pie in the face to raise money for our 10,000 Tree Fund. We are collecting donations online and in person, so donate between now and the 16th of June to nominate a director.

Another 1,000-mile challenge – fundraiser pending

In November 2021, Shred Station staff covered over 1,000 miles by running, walking, swimming, rowing and cycling every day across the month. The team raised enough money in aid of Rainforest Trust UK that they were able to protect 370 acres of rainforest.

Our staff will be taking on the same challenge again. This time, we hope warmer weather will mean we can cover even more miles and raise even more cash.

A 2 million steps challenge – fundraiser pending

Swapping their seats for the streets, our team will be putting their pedometers on and pounding the pavements in another month-long challenge. Covering a lot of ground, the team will be trying to exceed 10,000 steps a day each for an entire month.

We’ll be doing all of the above activities and many more!

Stay tuned to our social channels for regular updates and to find out how you can support our challenge.

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  • 24/03/2022 – The Shred Station Bake Off raised enough money to plant 921 new trees in the Kijabe Forest, Kenya.
  • 19/04/2022 – Our giant Easter Egg raffle raised enough money to plant 470 new trees in the Antsanitia Mangrove, Mahajanga. The site is just 15 miles north of the regional capital Mahajanga.
  • 29/04/2022 – Our Bowling tournament raised enough money to plant 1204 new trees in Mozambique with Eden Reforestation Project’s Maputo Bay Reforestation Initiative.

Total trees as of 03/05/2022 – 2,595.

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