Cargo and Freight Disposal

As well as providing data destruction services for general business needs and domestic purposes, Shred Station® can also offer shredding services to companies who handle cargo and freight. Our cargo and freight disposal services are safe, secure, and eco-friendly.

We can arrange a secure destruction service for shipping companies, storage companies, border forces and anyone else who needs large volumes of unwanted stock or materials destroyed responsibly and compliantly.

Our cargo and freight disposal services are available to those who require the destruction of large volumes of unwanted materials. This includes:

  • Unclaimed or abandoned goods
  • Illegal and counterfeit goods
  • Seized goods
  • Excess stock
  • Damaged goods
  • Any products that contain confidential information
  • Anything else beyond standard paper shredding services.

Our industrial shredders can handle most materials, including plastics, metals, fabrics, wood, and more. Where possible, we recycle the materials we shred. Everything else is either turned into refuse derived fuel, or is incinerated under strict controls to generate energy for the National Grid.

To enquire about our cargo and freight disposal services, get in touch today.

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