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Collage image of Shred Station staff

Shred Station celebrates World Greatness Day

On August 15th, World Greatness Day is celebrated across the globe as an opportunity to express gratitude for all of those in our lives that show greatness. It celebrates greatness in others, places, businesses and ourselves. The day’s creator, Professor Patrick Businge, founder of Greatness University and Special Representative to the United Nations, said: “The.

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Text saying "our staff are putting for the planet" over a background image of a golf course

Our staff are putting for the planet!

On 18th August, Shred Station staff will be putting for the planet as part of the company’s 10,000 Tree Challenge for 2022. Ten of our Norwich head office staff will be competing in a mini-golf tournament to try and plant as many trees as possible. For every hole-in-one our employees achieve, Shred Station will plant 50.

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Image of industrial shredder blades being sharpened

How we maintain our industrial shredders

Even household shredders need regular maintenance, but industrial shredders? Maintaining these state-of-the-art machines is no easy task. Our skilled maintenance team works hard to ensure our machines are always running like clockwork. At Shred Station, our team is our most valuable asset. Their hard work is what keeps our cogs turning – in some cases.

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Shred Station’s school trip to Winterton Primary School

Shred Station drivers, James and Garry, recently visited Winterton Primary School for the school’s Career Week event. They had a wonderful time talking to the children about data security and recycling. Armed with plenty of Simon Shred activity books, blue bin pen pots and recycled pens, our shredding specialists taught the children the importance of.

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Image of electric JCB Teletruk

Shred Station replaces three diesel forklifts with fully electric models.

At Shred Station, our environmental impacts are a top priority. All of our trucks already meet Euro 6 low emissions and we are trialling electric trucks too. But what about our vehicles that aren’t out on the road? Our forklifts are in constant use. To reduce our emissions even further, we are swapping out some of our.

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