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Shred Station®‘s bespoke fleet of secure shredding trucks are purpose-built and fitted for our operations, and all have refined security systems in place. Our fleet is constantly growing and adapting, but our high levels of security remain consistent, as they have been since Shred Station was established in 2008.

Our shredding trucks come in a range of sizes, including 7.5 tonne, 12 tonne, 15 tonne, 18 tonne, and 26 tonnes, all meeting Euro 6 emissions standards. We can cater to shredding requirements of any size, anywhere in the UK.


On-Site Shredding Trucks

Our mobile shredding trucks are fully equipped to destroy your confidential information at your business or domestic property. The onboard industrial shredder allows your waste to be disposed of while you watch, giving you ultimate peace of mind. There is also an onboard four-camera system, GPS tracking, and telematics ensuring complete security.

These vehicles are also optimised for road safety, and feature a state-of-the-art side detection system, comprised of sensors along the passenger-side panels. This detects any movement from cyclists and pedestrians, and alerts the driver with an audible beep. They are also fitted with low-rise windows to optimise direct vision, and also an audio warning signal which alerts cyclists of our drivers’ intentions to turn left.

Off-Site Shredding Trucks

Our off-site shredding trucks are plain white with a discrete Shred Station logo on the cab doors. This subtle branding is an additional security measure we have employed so as not to advertise we are carrying confidential waste while our shredding trucks are in transit.

Secure Access Vehicles

Our Secure Access Vehicles (SAVs) are an alternative to our standard off-site shredding trucks, providing customers with a totally discrete option for off-site shredding. These trucks are completely unbranded, meaning they are indistinguishable from any other truck on the road. They are fully sealed and watertight, and as with all of our vehicles, the SAVs are fitted with a bespoke four-camera CCTV system and onboard satellite tracking device.

Secure Access Vehicles also allow for even less manual handling of information by our security-vetted drivers, with bins lifted and tipped onto the hold compartment electronically. Immediately after loading, your confidential information becomes inaccessible.

Another added security feature is the interlocking rear shutter system, meaning the vehicle will be unable to drive off unless the shutter system is completely closed and secure.

Our Secure Access Vehicles are environmentally friendly too, operating with a reduced fuel consumption of around 15%. The SAVs hold over 12 tonnes of paper which drastically increases payload. This can result in as much as a 40% total reduction in carbon footprint.

If you’d like more information about our shredding trucks, or need some advice on which shredding service is right for you, please get in touch with one of our shredding experts today.

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