Archive Shredding

If you need to dispose of old confidential documents in bulk, choose our archive shredding service.

Every company has a statutory requirement to retain many types of documents for a certain period of time. But since storage space is usually limited, and office rents are costly, few firms want to keep large volumes of documents on-site unless they’re regularly needed. So most turn to some sort of archive storage.

Sooner or later, your archives reach the end of their life. That may be because their retention period has elapsed, so you no longer have to hold them, or you may be moving over to a digitised system. Whatever the reason, it’s vital that the documents are destroyed securely and safely.

That’s where our archive shredding service comes in.

On-site and off-site archive shredding

We offer archive disposal both on-site and off-site.

We can collect your archived documents from a specified location and shred them in front of you on our specialist mobile shredding trucks. Alternatively, we can transport your documents to our secure facilities and shred them there.

Either way, we’ll issue you with a certificate of destruction, giving you full peace of mind that your archived documents have been safely destroyed.

Any quantity, any time

Our flexible services can meet any requirement for archive destruction.

Need to get rid of a huge, multi-year archive in a one-off clearout? No problem. We can take on any amount of shredding at our industrial-scale shredding plant.

If you purge and destroy archived documents at the end of each calendar year or financial year, our one-off archive shredding service is ideal.

Alternatively, if you just get rid of out-of-date archives ‘as and when’ – perhaps a few times a year – just call us to book a collection when you’re ready.

Finally, if you need a regular archive shredding service, we can help out with scheduled collections.

We shred boxes, documents, the lot

Are your old documents stored in cardboard archive boxes?

With our archive shredding process, you don’t have to worry about taking documents out of boxes, removing metal objects or any other preparation.

Everything will be shredded along with the documents – with the added bonus that all paper and cardboard will go to a UK recycling mill after destruction.

Fully compliant

Our archive shredding service is fully compliant and certified to all UK and European standards for secure shredding and disposal.

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