Accreditations & Compliance

Shred Station® are accredited to the highest standards as a security shredding provider in the UK. Our certifications give confidence we are a trusted and responsible shredding company.

We meet the highest standards available for our shredding services and data destruction. See our standards, certifications and accreditations detailed below.

UKAS accredited – ISO 9001:2015 (incorporating EN15713)

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ISO 9001 is the most recognised international standard for quality management systems and the audit process and accreditation proves our commitment to providing a quality service meeting the needs of our customers.

EN 15713 is the standard specifically relating to the secure destruction of confidential information and proves that we meet requirements for managing, controlling and disposing of confidential information securely and safely.

UKAS accredited – ISO 14001:2015

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ISO 14001 is the standard for environmental management. It also applies to improving resource efficiency and waste reduction to operate cost-effectively. This standard allows us to meet company environmental goals while complying with all applicable legislation.

Certified CarbonNeutral® Company

Carbon Neutral Certified Company Logo
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Shred Station Ltd has been a CarbonNeutral® certified company since January 2019. We have achieved CarbonNeutral® certification by working with Climate Impact Partners, who are experts in the delivery of solutions for positive impact on carbon and renewable energy.

In 2024, we took a step further than annual CarbonNeutral® certification. We wanted every single customer who has ever used our services to have received the same carbon-neutral experience. Working with Climate Impact Partners and Nature Positive, we assessed all of our historic emissions since our formation in 2008. These emissions are now offset in their entirety. View our historic reporting and offsetting information here.

Certified CarbonNeutral® Fleet

Carbon Neutral Certified Fleet Logo
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Our low-emission fleet is assessed as part of our annual Greenhouse Gas Assessment. As above, our low-emission fleet has also been CarbonNeutral® since January 2019. The lifetime emissions of our fleet have now also been offset in its entirety.
As standard, all of our trucks are eco-friendly, meeting Euro 6 Low Emission standards. Even our largest trucks are free to drive in London’s ULEZ due to built-in Selective Catalytic Reduction converters and AdBlue solutions.

Greenhouse Gas Assessment

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Please see Shred Station’s latest Greenhouse Gas Assessment as conducted by Nature Positive (an RSK company) and Climate Impact Partners. This assessment details all of our greenhouse gas emissions and is used to determine the carbon offsetting requirements to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. You can view each of our annual assessments here.

PCI DSS Compliance – Level 1 Service Provider

PCI Compliance Logo
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Any business accepting card payments should be aware of the need to be PCI DSS compliant to process card payments securely. We comply with this area of the standard for taking card payments from customers.

PCI DSS Level 1 as a Service Provider

Level 1 is the highest a service provider can offer. Achieving this allows us to handle and destroy data, on behalf of other businesses, at the most secure level.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials accreditation logo
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The Cyber Essentials certification demonstrates our commitment to cyber security and keeping our systems and data safe and secure.

Cyber Essentials is a Government backed scheme to help organisations protect against cyber attacks. Read more about the certification here.

BSIA member

British Security Industry Association logo
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The trade association in the UK for the professional security industry is the British Security Industry Association (BSIA). The BSIA have been leading and shaping the security industry for over 40 years.

In 2021 our Commercial Director, Kristian Carter, was appointed Chair of the BSIA’s Information Destruction section, you can read more in our blog article here.

UKSSA member

UKSSA United Kingdom Security Shredding Association - Logo
The United Kingdom Security Shredding Association (UKSSA) is the only UK association dedicated to Security Shredding operational standards. The requirements that members must meet are the highest in the industry.

UKSSA Certificate for Norwich
UKSSA Certificate for Harlow
UKSSA Certificate for Manchester

Safecontractor accredited

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SafeContractor accreditation reassures our customers that health and safety is being handled correctly and sufficiently.

SafePQQ accredited

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SafePQQ is an extension of the SafeContractor health and safety accreditation scheme, and achieving this accreditation demonstrates our compliance relating to corporate social responsibility. This includes areas such as finance, environmental management, professional standing, equality, anti-bribery, modern slavery, and GDPR.

This recognised standard meets the requirements of PAS 91 & ISO standards for supplier assessment and validation.

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS)

FORS accreditation logo
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FORS accreditation demonstrates best practice with regard to our fleet. Accreditation covers safety, emissions, fuel efficiency and other aspects to show we are a responsible fleet operator.

Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA)

Gangmasters Licensing Authority Logo
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We are currently the only security shredding provider to be licensed by the GLAA. Achieving this certificate is a positive step to show we are a responsible employer, committed to the welfare and health and safety of our staff.

Information Commissioners Office (ICO)

ICO logo
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Shred Station is registered with the ICO. ICO Registration is a legal requirement for organisations that process personal information, and our licensing fee helps to fund the important data protection work that the Information Commissioner’s Office undertakes.

CIRAS – Confidential Safety Hotline

CIRAS logo
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Shred Station is proud to be a CIRAS member. CIRAS is the transport sector’s confidential safety hotline. By being a CIRAS member, we demonstrate our commitment to listening, strengthening safety, and reducing business risk. This helps us to keep our workforce, customers, and the general public safe while we operate.

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