High Security Shredding

Here at Shred Station® we understand that the secure destruction of your confidential and sensitive documents is a serious business – hence why we offer the very best in high security shredding services.

Our efficient, high security shredding service is certified to Level 4, and meets all UK government, DIN and European standards. Additionally, we are experts in the secure shredding of highly sensitive materials and records classified as high as IL6 or protectively marked.

This level of high security shredding effectively disintegrates the documents, rendering them completely and permanently irrecoverable, thus ensuring the complete safety of your confidential data and protecting these sensitive documents from being jeopardised.

High Security Shredding Services at Your Premises

Our high security shredding services allow for secure shredding when and where you need it. Shred Station provides an expert high security shredding service for a diverse range of clients across the UK, from small and medium sized enterprises to global organisations and government departments. As such, we offer a mobile on-site secure shredding service to help businesses like yours meet the highest levels of document disposal.

Just like our dedicated destruction facilities, our mobile secure shredding units are fully monitored by CCTV inside and out, and are operated by security checked staff. This on-site high security shredding service is an ideal solution for companies and organisations who need highly sensitive information destroyed at the highest levels of security.

Our High Security Shredding Certifications

Shred Station is fully committed to proving a high quality, high security shredding service whilst also ensuring that all waste is processed and disposed of to UK and European standards. All of our shredding services are fully compliant and accredited to the following standards:

ISO9001 Quality Management Systems

This certification assures our clients that Shred Station is committed to delivering customer service excellence. Shred Station must take appropriate steps to:

  • Continually improve and update its internal processes to adapt to a changing world
  • Effectively communicate with clients
  • Put in place procedures for dealing with customer complaints
  • Regularly audit and evaluate its quality systems and processes

EN15713 Secure Destruction of Confidential Material

This standard outlines the framework under which companies operating in the security industry must handle the destruction of confidential information. The standard also incorporates BS7858, which sets out the key conditions to which data destruction companies must protect their clients’ data. Under these two frameworks, Shred Station is committed to:

  • Screening all new employees.
  • Taking appropriate steps to monitor and secure our own premises
  • Tracing all client documents from collection through to destruction
  • Effectively managing and controlling all confidential material destruction
  • Monitoring how sensitive information is collected, stored and transferred

ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems

This certification assures clients of Shred Station’s commitment to minimising our environmental impact. Shred Station has environmental policies in place that allow us to:

  • Limit our own greenhouse gas emissions
  • Protect the environment
  • Monitor our impact on social-economics

Shred Station is subject to regular inspection from third party organisations to ensure our registration of the above standards remains intact.

To see our full list of accreditations, visit our accreditations and compliance page.

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