Product Destruction

Clothing for shredding Baler Shredded clothing

At Shred Station® our product shredding equipment is able to destroy any products, clothing or textiles to meet your requirements. With product destruction you are protecting your brand and reputation with no risk of anything falling into the wrong hands. All shredded material is recycled with nothing going to landfill.

Our modern shredding machines can handle just about any type of material, including metals, plastics, fabrics and ceramics – plus paper, of course.

Customers around the UK, including firms of all sizes and public-sector organisations, rely on us for product disposal of unwanted items including:

  • Products that are faulty and cannot be sold
  • Excess stock that cannot be sold
  • Equipment that is obsolete or out of date
  • Illegal or counterfeit goods, including alcohol, tobacco, sunglasses, fake designer clothes and accessories, textiles, toys, CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs
  • Products that contain confidential information such as uniforms, ID cards, security badges, digital media such as hard drives, bank cards and credit cards
  • Electronic equipment, from individual components right up to entire units, including TVs, monitors, computer equipment, electronic consumer goods, laptops, printers, phones and cables. We can even handle industrial-sized units!

All products are destroyed safely and securely, with constant monitoring, full CCTV coverage and official certification of destruction, as required.

Environmentally sound product destruction

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, and carry out all product destruction in accordance with UK and international guidelines.

Whenever we can, we’ll break products down into separate materials that can be recycled or disposed of safely and responsibly. We have a zero tolerance to landfill policy.

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