Shred Station gets active for the Amazon!

In November 2021, Shred Station staff members got active to raise funds for Rainforest Trust UK!

The team aimed to cover 1000 miles throughout the month by each walking, running, rowing, swimming or cycling as many miles as possible. Determined to raise as much awareness and money as possible for the charity, we kept a daily log of miles covered.

Why Rainforest Trust UK?

Between August 2020 and July 2021, 4,044.8 square miles of the Amazon rainforest were destroyed – much of it illegally. At this rate of deforestation and other human disturbances, the Amazon now actually appears to be releasing more climate-warming gases than it stores. If this continues, the devastation of habitats and global temperature increases are, sadly, inevitable.

Rainforest Trust UK has already placed over 34 million acres of rainforest under permanent protection. This includes the Amazon rainforest, the Congo rainforest, and many more across the globe. The Rainforest Trust UK has many fantastic ongoing projects that help to support the conservation and protection of the many endangered species and indigenous communities that call our world’s rainforests home.

Shred Station chose to support the Rainforest Trust UK as 100% of its donations go to conservation action. No board member receives financial benefits, and their staff salaries are modest. That means any money we raise will go directly into conservation rather than into the pockets of top charity executives.

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Spoiler alert: we covered the miles and permanently protected 370 acres of the tropical rainforest! Well done to the Shred Station team and thanks to everyone who supported us.

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