Image of man in Christmas hat playing the bass guitar.

Declutter your loft this Christmas

It’s that time of year. Time to climb a questionably placed ladder up to the world’s stiffest loft hatch and venture into a dark and dusty domain ruled by house spiders that seem genetically closer to tarantulas. Each year, this ritual takes place. We emerge, cautiously, into the mostly unexplored territory of our loft floor’s.

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Service Tracking with Shred Station

After extensive testing and development, we are pleased to report that our new service tracking system is live. At Shred Station, one of the core pillars of our ethos is to lead the UK’s Information Destruction industry through excellent customer service and innovation. The seamlessness of your service is extremely important to us. So, to.

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Old cassette tape

How to destroy end-of-life products and expired stock

As seasons and trends change, businesses that manufacture or sell products will often find themselves with a surplus of stock that is no longer suitable for sale or just isn’t shifting on the shelves. Whether it’s outdated tech goods, expired food products, seasonal items, promotional items, products that have failed quality testing or unsold inventory,.

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Image of the Shred Station Volta Zero

Shred Station trials the all-electric Volta Zero truck

After creating a highly innovative and road-safe electric truck, Volta announced it would be filing for bankruptcy on 17 October 2023, right in the middle of our trial with the vehicle. This news came after one of the company’s key battery suppliers also went into administration. This is reported to have caused significant production delays,.

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