Shred Station among first in the world to trial cutting-edge electric vehicles

We’re pleased to announce that Shred Station will be among the first in the world to trial cutting-edge sustainable vehicles from Sweden-based start-up, Volta. As a CarbonNeutral® certified company, we understand the importance of minimising our environmental impacts. But, there’s always more we can all do to reduce our impacts on the world around us..

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Service update for new and existing customers

Important Notice to Existing Customers and New Customers

From Thursday 5th November, the nation will once again enter a collective second lockdown. We understand that, because of this, many of our customers may be closing their doors for the next four weeks. What this means for existing customers Shred Station provides data destruction services to thousands of sites all across the UK, including.

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Shred Station’s New Ultra-High Security On-Site Granulation Service

Shred Station proudly announces the launch of a new ultra-high security shredding service, exclusively available to Shred Station customers. Our new ultra-high security service uses a process called granulation to destroy confidential documents beyond the point of reassembly. But what is granulation, and how does this differ from other shredding services? Granulation is a destruction.

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Image of shredded paper

What Happens to Our Shredded Paper?

Here at Shred Station, we recycle 100% of the paper we shred on your behalf. But where does the paper get recycled? What is it recycled into? Lastly, what happens to the non-paper products that go in the shredders, such as staples and plastic wallets? Our shredding process, whilst complex in terms of machinery and.

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Image of Alex Ager, Shred Station's October 2020 Employee of the Month

Shred Station Employee of the Month – October 2020

Our peer-voted Employee of the Month award encourages our staff members to anonymously share positive feedback with their peers. Each month, the person who has received the most votes gets crowned Employee of the Month! October 2020’s Employee of the Month is… Alex Ager! Alex is relatively new to the Shred Station team, having joined.

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