Recommended by decluttering services

Recommended by Decluttering Services

Decluttering can be a daunting task – particularly if you have lots of different materials to work through. That’s why many decluttering services and professional organisers recommend Shred Station to their customers. While clutter can be a source of stress in your living space, the act of decluttering can also be stressful. This is particularly.

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Image of Louise Bloom, Credit Controller, at PACT animal sanctuary with a large goat

Shred Station volunteers at PACT Animal Sanctuary

To support good causes in our local communities, every member of staff at Shred Station is entitled to two fully paid volunteer days per year. We introduced our Volunteer Days system back in 2019 to support good causes in our local communities. Volunteering also comes with the added benefit of our staff returning to work.

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Children's drawings

Our Mug Design Competition!

Check out these marvellous mug designs! In April 2024, we asked our employees to get involved in creating a design to feature on our new Shred Station mugs. With help from their family’s little ones, we received a selection of 18 wonderful works of art to choose from. However, we need your help in choosing.

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Carbon Neutral logo

Shred Station becomes lifetime carbon neutral

This year, Shred Station has been working with Climate Impact Partners and Nature Positive (an RSK company) to assess our historic carbon emissions. Shred Station was formed in 2008, and a core pillar of our ethos has always been to minimise our environmental impacts. In 2019, we achieved annual CarbonNeutral® company certification for the first.

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Our Carbon Offsetting Projects for 2024 on top of a photo of a horse in the woods

Our Carbon Offsetting Projects for 2024

Each year, we partner with Climate Impact Partners and Nature Positive (an RSK company) to assess and offset the carbon emissions that remain after our internal emissions reduction processes. We first achieved annual CarbonNeutral® company and fleet certification in January 2019. This means that 2024 will be the 6th consecutive year of us operating as.

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