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Cargo and Freight Disposal – The Facts

Almost four billion tonnes of cargo is moved through EU ports each year. But not all cargo reaches its intended destination. Many cargo and freight containers are undeliverable, unclaimed, abandoned, seized, or are found to contain illegal and counterfeit goods. So, what happens to cargo and freight when it is unclaimed or needs to be.

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Why It Makes Sense to Shred Everything

GDPR and Data Protection law means that certain documents must be retained for months, years, and sometimes even indefinitely. But, what about the paperwork you no longer need? To avoid time being wasted inspecting paper waste for confidential information, it can make more sense to shred everything no longer needed. Did you know, the majority.

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Five Companies You Never Knew Were Carbon Neutral

The mounting pressure on humankind to take measures preventing further damage to the natural world is no secret. With progression in technology, we have been able to see the devastating impacts our collective actions have had on the planet. Through documentaries, satellite imaging and climate records, we have all seen how many years of nonchalance.

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Why Are Medical Records So Valuable to Data Thieves?

When you think of a data breach, what’s the first thing that springs to mind? Credit card information being compromised? Other financial data falling into the wrong hands? While protecting confidential data related to finances is crucially important, it’s actually health data and medical records at the most risk of being breached. Between 2014 and.

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The New Financial Year – The Perfect Time for a Workplace Spring Clean?

As businesses, corporate bodies, sole traders, and individuals across the UK prepare for Q2 and the new financial year, documents containing sensitive personal and financial information are likely to be being brought out of storage. You’ll probably come across unwanted paperwork and documents past their retention periods during this time. So, why not use this.

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