How to destroy a credit card

All credit and bank cards expire at some point – although many people don’t even realise this has happened until they try to pay for something!

Others don’t understand that their information can still be stolen and used, even though the card has expired. That’s right – your old credit card still contains all the account information that a thief would need to commit identity fraud.

With identity fraud on the rise, simply throwing your cards away with the rubbish is not enough. Instead,

Won’t just cutting in two destroy a credit card?

No, because taking a pair of scissors to your card is not a secure way of destroying it. Cards vary in terms of where the chip that holds your information is positioned. It can be very small and easily missed – but not for an identity thief intent on seeking out account numbers.

OK, what about my home shredder?

This is another bad idea. To successfully destroy a credit card, you need a shredder specially designed to handle them, with a cross-cutting function. In fact, shredding credit cards at home is one of the easiest ways to put your domestic shredder out of action!

Making sure your cards are destroyed so they are thoroughly unusable, to prevent any possible fraud, is no easy matter. You would need to demagnetise the magnetic strip, destroy the chip, cut up the card, and then dispose of the fragments in multiple bags.

It’s not just the card

However, you also need to consider all the documentation relating to the expired card. If it falls into the wrong hands, it could also open you up to identity fraud.

Shredding all these documents can be quite a job – particularly when you consider that a home shredder can only handle a few sheets of paper at a time. Plus you need to painstakingly remove all the staples, plastic folders and so on yourself.

A professional service for individual needs

Many shredding companies won’t offer shredding for private individuals, as they don’t produce large enough volumes. However, we take on any job, large or small, and we’re happy to shred your regular or one-off domestic confidential waste.

We can supply you with bins or bags for you to store your confidential waste in. We’ll then collect your waste for destruction, either on-site or off-site. While you’re at it, why not take the opportunity to dispose of old letters, statements and documents that you no longer need?

Once we’ve shredded your waste, we’ll give you a certificate of destruction confirming the safe destruction of your data in compliance with all UK and European standards.

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