What Can I Shred?

The secure destruction of confidential materials is, for many documents, a legal requirement. However, there are many other materials that also need to be disposed of securely. With so many different materials that contain confidential information, you may find yourself wondering “What can I shred?”. With Shred Station®, you can shred just about anything.

Confidential Information

Confidential documents – these can include boxes, plastic wallets, paper clips and staples.

Uniforms, ID badges, security badges, bank cards, credit cards, x-rays

Digital Media

Hard drives, flash drives, memory sticks, CD’s, CCTV tapes, DVD’s, backup and audio tapes, SD cards, mobile phones.

Product Destruction

Clothes, Textiles, Toys.

Non-confidential waste

Office paper, leaflets, envelopes, paper brochures, magazines.

Infographic showing examples of items that can be shredded
Infographic showing examples of items that can be shredded

As you can see above, we can shred many materials. We can shred plastics, metals, ceramics, photographic paper, uniforms, textiles, digital media storage devices, and confidential paperwork. 100% of paper we shred on your behalf will be recycled at UK paper mills, and where possible, we recycle many other materials too. Unrecyclable products are either turned into refuse derived fuel or are incinerated to generate energy for the National Grid. Absolutely nothing we shred goes to landfill.

If you’re still wondering “what can I shred?”, or are unsure that we can shred the materials you have, get in touch today.

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