Our Environmental Commitments

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A key element of our corporate social responsibility efforts is the constant consideration of how we impact the environment around us, and how to prevent any ecological damage.

At Shred Station, minimising our environmental impacts has always been one of our top priorities. After many years of investing in ways to reduce and offset our emissions, in January 2019, we achieved official CarbonNeutral® certification. This assures our customers that the ways we operate aren’t harmful to the planet. There are many other ways we safeguard the world around us, too.

Working towards a sustainable future

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Zero Tolerance for Landfill

We guarantee that absolutely nothing we shred goes to landfill. All paper-based material is recycled and sent to UK paper mills, significantly reducing the carbon used in transporting baled material and the recycling process itself. Non-paper materials, such as shredded clothing and hard drives, are also treated safely and responsibly. We utilise reputable industry connections to ensure we recycle everything possible. For example, shredded metals are sent to metal refineries, shredded plastics can be melted down to make new plastic pellets, and shredded textiles can be turned into things like dust cloths at rag recycling facilities. Materials that are not possible to recycle will be sent to Energy from Waste where they will be used to generate energy for the National Grid.

Science-based Emission Reduction Targets

We have set verified science-based emission reduction targets in line with the SBTi standards. These targets will be examined each year as part of our carbon assessment, ensuring we stay on track to deliver our services sustainably in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Shred a Tonne, Plant a Tree

We have planted over 4,500 trees on our customers’ behalves as part of our Shred a Tonne, Plant a Tree scheme.

Solar-Powered Head Office

Our head office and Norwich shredding depot run on solar power.

Eco-Friendly Vehicles

Our CarbonNeutral® certified fleet comprises ultra-low emissions vehicles, all adhering to Euro 6 Emission Standards. We are also trialling electric trucks, switching all company cars to hybrid or fully electric models, and have replaced six of our forklifts with fully electric models. We are also using HVO in our fuel mix.

10,000 Tree Challenge

Throughout 2022, our Charity Challenge Team planted 10,067 new trees. They achieved this goal by participating in lots of different fundraising activities.


We are working to make the wider UK shredding industry greener by innovating with various projects. Currently, we are working with the UKFT on the ACT UK Project. The £4m project aims to revolutionise textile recycling in the UK. We have also joined the Digital Supply Chain Hub which aims to reduce logistics emissions in the textile recycling industry.

Our Environmental actions

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