Carbon Offset Projects

We reduce our emissions in many ways such as using renewable energy and deploying ultra-low emission vehicles. We support stringently vetted carbon offsetting projects for the emissions we cannot yet reduce. This has enabled us to become a lifetime carbon-neutral company.

Map showing locations of Shred Station's offsetting projects and tree planting initiatives.

The carbon offsetting projects we have supported since 2019 include:

The Degraded Grasslands Afforestation Project and Wind Power Portfolio

In 2024, we are supporting two projects. The first is a degraded grasslands afforestation project in Uruguay and a wind power portfolio project in Turkey. These projects were also utilised to offset our historic emissions from formation to 2018 entirely.

The Zhaoyuan Xinlong Shunde Project

In 2023, we supported the Zhaoyuan Xinlong Shunde wind farm in China’s Heilongjiang province.

The Fuxin Wind Project

In 2022, we again chose to support a renewable power project as part of our CarbonNeutral certification. We supported the Fuxin Wind project in China.

The Gobi Wind Power Project and the West India Wind Project

In 2021, we supported the Gobi Wind Power Project in China and the West India Wind Project as part of our CarbonNeutral certification. China and India are two of the world’s biggest polluters, so renewable energy investments in these countries are vital for displacing energy that would otherwise be drawn from non-renewable resources such as coal and other fossil fuels.

West India Wind Project

For 2020, we committed to offsetting our emissions through various power portfolio projects. The projects involve carbon finance investments into renewable energy projects in India – one world’s biggest polluting countries.

Uganda Community Reforestation Project

As part of our CarbonNeutral® certification, we have chosen various projects to offset our carbon emissions. In 2019, we chose the Uganda Community Reforestation Project.

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