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Our shredding services are flexible and tailored to meet your exact requirements. To help determine your requirements you may want to consider the following questions.


Are you...

Our shredding services are available to everyone, regardless of how small your shredding requirements may be.

All businesses must comply with Data Protection regulations. Ensuring your confidential data is destroyed securely will help you meet regulations.

Destroying confidential data in a corporate environment is important to comply with Data Protection regulations. Also, destroying corporate information and anything relating to your corporate identity is important to maintain secrecy and prevent confidential information leaking out.

Government departments often require a higher level of security for their shredding. We are able to provide the most secure shredding available.

Charities are under the same obligation as businesses to protect data. We can offer cost-effective shredding services suitable for charities.

Our shredding services are suitable for everyone. We can even shred down to a specific size, if required, and all services can be tailored to meet your needs.


What needs shredding?

Any paper document in an office could potentially contain confidential data. Shredding your paper records ensures details are destroyed and not falling into the wrong hands.

Confidential data can be stored in many different electronic formats. We can shred any electronic media to ensure data is not retrievable. This could be anything from entire PCs to hard drives, CDs, flash drives or back-up tapes.

There are many reasons items need destroying, here are just a few examples. Uniforms and ID cards to prevent anyone impersonating an employee. Products that don’t meet safety standards to prevent them from being used or sold elsewhere. Prototypes, to prevent them falling into the hands of competitors.

The list of items we can shred is pretty much endless - we really can shred anything!!


How is it contained?


Do you need containers, or another way of collecting?

Need Loose Collecting

What service?

Our mobile shredding service comes to you and we perform the shredding on a mobile shredding vehicle at your premises.

We collect your confidential data in our secure collection vehicles and return to our secure depot for shredding.

We can offer enhanced high security shredding for those who may require a higher level of security for their shredding, for example, Government and banking.


Regularity of service?

We offer one-off shredding services to facilitate those that do not require a regular service.

We offer our services on an adhoc basis for those that prefer to call and arrange as, and when, they require our shredding services.

Our regular shredding services suit those that continually collect and produce confidential data. The regularity of the service can be decided by yourselves and our shredding team as we can tailor our services to meet your requirements.

Hopefully you now have an idea of the service you need, next step is to contact us via the quick quote form or you can call one of our shredding specialists to get a price.

If you are still not sure of your requirements, please don’t hesitate to call and one of our shredding specialists will be happy to help work through what you need.

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