Shred Station’s Wall of Praise

At Shred Station, we believe it’s important to recognise our employees’ achievements.

As well as sharing positive feedback internally, we also receive a huge amount of positive feedback from customers. Daily, we receive emails, phone calls, comments on social media, and face-to-face praise from people satisfied with our shredding services. You can even read some of the testimonials here.

Our Operations Coordinator, Liam Brown, is part of the core team who makes our operations possible. Liam is involved with the route-planning of our drivers and is one of the main connections between our team of operatives on the road and our head office. Liam is also the driving force behind Shred Station’s Wall of Praise.

We asked Liam to explain the ideas behind the Wall of Praise, and what it means to our drivers and drivers’ mates.

Why did you start the Wall of Praise?

We started the Wall of Praise in order to give the drivers some positive feedback. They are the customer-facing part of our company, and we believe they should hear and get recognition for the decent, hard work they fulfil.

What impact do you think it has had on the drivers and operatives?

At first, the reaction was what you would expect from a bunch of aged 30+ working “men’s” men. They all laughed and joked about it. However, through time, they have warmed to it, and you can see that they all enjoy seeing their names posted up on the wall and seeing what comments customers make about them. They do now use it as a slight competition to see how many they can get!

How has it felt for you to see all of the positive comments that customers make?

It’s a great touch, I believe, for the drivers and drivers’ mates to see what impact they actually make to the customer. They build up such a great rapport with the customers, usually becoming on first-name-bases with a lot of them – some even getting extra tea and biscuits while at the sites. It’s nice for them to know how well thought of they are by the people they see regularly. It is also good for us in the office to see the true opinions customers have about our workforce.

We also asked Liam to share with us some of his favourite comments on the wall.

From a residential customer called Julie:

A review of Shred Station from a residential customer.

From a residential customer called Sheila:

A review of Shred Station, from a residential customer called Sheila

And another from a business customer in the distribution sector:

A review of Shred Station, from a business customer in the distribution sector

If you’ve had a recent service from Shred Station and would like to have your feedback feature on our Wall of Praise, leave us a review today! All feedback is shared with our drivers and is very much appreciated.

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