Shred Station celebrates National Tree Week!

Shred Station is celebrating National Tree Week this week by planting a tree for each one of our 150 members of staff.

Environmental friendliness is one of our top priorities, and we honour that priority in many ways. One of the ways we do this is through a Shred a Tonne, Plant a Tree scheme offered to our customers. This scheme has resulted in 4,200 new trees planted in East Anglia thus far. We have also supported a Ugandan Community Reforestation Project through our CarbonNeutral® certification. We even recently completed a charity challenge to raise funds for Rainforest Trust UK. But we wanted to celebrate National Tree Week this year by doing something more.

What is National Tree Week?

National Tree Week is the UK’s largest annual tree celebration. Across the country, thousands of people plant trees or host tree-related educational events to mark the beginning of the winter tree planting season. The main focus of National Tree Week is to get more trees planted and, particularly in schools, learn how to nurture and look after these trees throughout their lifetime.

Why celebrate National Tree Week?

As you may know, trees absorb carbon from the air. Planting trees and safeguarding the trees we already have is key to minimising the rise of global warming. While we may never get to see these trees grow into their full beauty in our lifetime, safeguarding the world’s biodiversity is essential to ensure the best potential long-term survival outcomes for future generations. Recycling is also a great way to save trees. By recycling 100% of the paper we shred, we save 816,612 trees from deforestation each year.

The trees we have planted.

The 150 trees we have planted for our staff are being managed by the Trillion Tree Campaign. We chose to spread these trees across several projects and contribute to restoration around the world. This will see the trees planted in places where they are needed most.

If you’d like to get involved with tree planting this National Tree Week, The Tree Council hosts many tree planting events across the UK. There are also many tree planting projects you can donate to online, including:

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