Our Employees of the Quarter – 2021 Q3

At Shred Station, we’re incredibly proud of our team of staff. Their dedication to customer satisfaction, industry knowledge, and hard work is second-to-none. That’s why, each quarter, to recognise the efforts of our teams, we have a peer-voted Employee of the Quarter award. This encourages our teams to share positive comments about their peers across the UK. The winner of each category receives a gift voucher and company-wide recognition of their efforts.

Our Employees of the Quarter for Q3 of 2021 are…

  • Stephen Agyekum – Harlow Shredding Depot
  • Reza Kia – Manchester Shredding Depot
  • Josh Beckett – Norwich Shredding Depot
  • Dan Varga – National office and remote staff

A huge congratulations to each of the winners this quarter. Thank you all for your ongoing efforts.

Stephen Agyekum – Harlow Shredding Depot.

Stephen Agyekum is one of our wonderful drivers based at our Harlow shredding depot. He has been with the company for around eight years. According to his manager, Stephen is “one of the most reliable and most experienced drivers”, receiving regular praise for his amazing attitude. Stephen delivers carbon neutral shredding services to businesses and private customers throughout London, Essex, and beyond. He is a true team player, and from the nomination comments shared by his peers, it’s clear that Stephen is both a valued colleague and friend.

Here’s why Stephen’s peers voted for him:

“He is always professional, helpful, does very long hours, reliable and so polite. Stephen is such a great driver to have on the team.”
“He will never drop jobs which shows dedication, always happy to help. He uplifts the spirit and is an all-round lovely person to work with.”
“Always works hard and very efficient.” 

Congratulations to Stephen for doing your depot proud this quarter.

Reza Kia – Manchester Shredding Depot.

Reza is a Driver’s Mate at our Manchester shredding depot. Reza’s role is comprised of driving, assisting other drivers, and completing on-site shredding services and off-site shredding collections. Reza also helps out in the Manchester warehouse from time to time. He has been praised highly by his colleagues this quarter for delivering these responsibilities with true dedication, professionalism, and without complaint. Receiving regular votes every quarter, it was only a matter of time before Reza was crowned Employee of the Quarter.

Here’s why Reza’s peers voted for him:

“Works very hard.”
“Responds promptly to any queries about his route.” 

Congratulations to Reza for receiving this quarter’s award for Manchester.

Josh Beckett – Norwich Shredding Depot.

The Norwich shredding depot covers a large portion of our shredding services across the country, and the depot is a constant hive of activity. It is in the shredding depot itself that Josh works as a Warehouse Operative. Josh is a very well-liked member of the team. He does a fantastic job in the warehouse, and also assists many other departments from time to time. In the past, this has included delivering hoodies for the homeless in Norwich, and even dogsitting the directors’ dogs when they have been travelling on business!

Here’s why Josh’s peers voted for him:

“Always good and helpful and does lots of overtime.”
“Always helpful, willing to make sure he goes the extra mile for customer requirements that need additional attention to detail and segregation before shredding.”
“Gets pushed from pillar to post and is always here all hours.”
“Always putting the hours in. Very dedicated.”

Congratulations to Josh for receiving this quarter’s award and thanks for all your hard work.

Dan Varga – UK Office and Remote Staff.

Dan Varga is the Manchester shredding depot manager, and this is the second quarter in a row he’s won the Employee of the Quarter award for all UK office and remote staff. This is a testament to the hard work Dan puts in every single day. He is constantly praised by the team he manages for his fantastic management skills. He also receives many votes each quarter from his peers across the business for his commitment to delivering a world-class service for our customers in the north of the UK.

Here’s why Dan’s peers voted for him:

“Extremely helpful.”
“Easy to approach, always has an understanding and treats staff with respect.”
“He is really understanding of the drivers’ work and is a very calm person.”
“Continuing working from home, even with covid.”
“Best manager/boss I’ve had. Really understanding and always makes time for his staff.”
“Good manager, I like working with him.”

Congratulations to Dan for receiving this quarter’s award. You have impressed us all with your efforts this last quarter.

Thank you to all of our employees for their hard work, and to these four winners especially for consistently going above and beyond to help their peers.

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