Shredding, Recycling & The Environment

At Shred Station, we provide solutions that help our customers become greener businesses. We adopt an eco-friendly approach to destroying confidential data, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint of our customers too, according to our ISO 14001 Environmental Certification. We also like to share our knowledge about shredding, recycling, and the environment to help other businesses and individuals.

Zero tolerance for landfill

We guarantee that absolutely none of the material we shred goes to landfill.

All paper-based waste is recycled and sent to UK processing mills, significantly reducing the carbon used in transporting baled material and the recycling process itself.

Non-paper material, such as shredded clothing and data tapes, are also disposed of safely. All shredded materials are either turned into Refuse Derived Fuel, Solid Recovered Fuel, or go to an Energy from Waste Plant. Materials that go to Energy from Waste Plants are incinerated under strict controls to provide energy for the National Grid.

Shred a tonne, plant a tree

Before 2019, we invested in a Shred a Tonne, Plant a Tree initiative in the UK where customers could opt-in to plant a tree for every tonne we shred on their behalf. This scheme resulted in 4200 new trees being planted in Norfolk, United Kingdom. Since 2019, we have committed to several carbon offsetting projects to reduce our carbon emissions to net-zero.

Carbon offsetting

Many of the things we do every day, from shopping to driving a car, produce carbon dioxide emissions that cause climate change. While we can’t eliminate CO2 emissions completely, we can use carbon offsets to compensate for the emissions resulting from our actions.

Since January 2019, we have been a CarbonNeutral® certified company.

Carbon offsetting projects

In 2019, the project we invested in was the Uganda Community Reforestation Project, whereby our carbon emissions were offset by volunteers in Uganda. Each volunteer received monetary compensation for each tree successfully grown. The trees planted throughout 2019 will continue to grow and offset the carbon we produce as a company. As well as offsetting carbon emissions, projects like this also help to boost local economies, yield fruit for growers, and restore vital biodiversity that the region had been lacking for generations.

For 2020 and 2021, we purchased our offsets from a selection of renewable energy projects in India and China, displacing energy produced by fossil fuels. Carbon finance investments, like ours, are essential for these projects to run. Projects like these promote low-carbon development in some of the world’s biggest polluting countries and also create hundreds of jobs. Without renewable energy investments in these countries, global carbon emissions today would be significantly higher.

You can see our Carbon Neutral accreditations by clicking here.

To learn more about carbon offsetting or our environmental policy, please get in touch.

Each tonne of recycled paper can save

shredding, recycling & the environment

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