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Why breaking data protection law is easier than you think

The Data Protection Act covers many different types of record, both paper and digital. As recently released ICO figures show, many organisations are finding it a challenge to comply with the legislation. Are you aware of your obligations under the Data Protection Act? If not, your business could be breaking the law without being aware.

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Data security incidents in the health sector

The latest figures for security breaches in the healthcare sector show all too clearly why hospitals, surgeries and other medical organisations need to take particular care with confidential data. In the figures for 2016 data security breaches recently released by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), healthcare was far and away the worst-performing sector, accounting for.

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Where did data security go wrong in 2016?

The latest figures from the ICO vividly illustrate the challenge facing those involved with data security, and the many possible ways that data can be lost or compromised. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has released its latest data on data security breaches in 2016, along with information on actions they have taken – and it.

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How to protect your business from corporate identity theft and espionage

The loss of valuable company information can be damaging to a firm’s commercial fortunes as well as its reputation. We review some of the steps you can take to safeguard information artefacts that could help a competitor. Information can be a company’s most valuable asset. Customer records, intellectual property such as technical layouts, patents and.

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How organisations can keep healthcare confidential data secure

Medical records are a prime target for information thieves, making it essential for organisations to keep healthcare confidential data secure and dispose of in a responsible manner when no longer required. Medical records contain some of the most sensitive personal data to be found anywhere. As a result, they have high potential value for information thieves, and are.

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