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Five Ways to Protect Against Identity Theft

Identity crime is a broad term which usually takes the form of identity theft. It often includes counterfeiting documents or misusing genuine identification and financial assets such as someone else’s bank card. Once someone has gathered enough information to unlawfully create or steal an identity, they can use this to commit financial fraud. They can.

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Six Ways We Can All Protect the Environment

Here at Shred Station, we pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly and environmentally responsible company. Amongst our numerous environmental commitments, we have zero tolerance for landfill, a carbon-offsetting scheme, a solar-powered head office, and we recycle 100% of the paper we shred. It is our belief that businesses of all sizes should do everything they.

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10 Simple Steps Towards Data Breach Prevention in the Workplace

You will have heard terms such as ‘data breach’ and ‘cyber-attack’ being used more and more in recent years, with instances of these cyber-crimes featuring increasingly across local and global news.  As our reliance on technology has grown, data breaches have become commonplace. Thieves and fraudsters are no longer just the cliché shady character sneaking.

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