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10 Simple Steps Towards Data Breach Prevention in the Workplace

You will have heard terms such as ‘data breach’ and ‘cyber-attack’ being used more and more in recent years, with instances of these cyber-crimes featuring increasingly across local and global news.  As our reliance on technology has grown, data breaches have become commonplace. Thieves and fraudsters are no longer just the cliché shady character sneaking.

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Going on holiday? Keep your data safe in the sun

Summer’s here, and it’s time to head off for some sun, sea and sand. But while you’re probably looking forward to leaving your worries behind, you still need to keep an eye on information security, or identity thieves could take advantage of your carefree mood and gain valuable information about you. Here are our eight.

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Six types of documents you never knew you should shred

You probably already know that you should always shred documents that contain your name and address or financial information, such as bills and bank statements. But did you know there are lots of other documents that can also help identity thieves? There are many types of document that you should dispose of securely – not.

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