Shred Station joins the Digital Supply Chain Hub.

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We are pleased to announce that we have joined the Made Smarter Innovation | Digital Supply Chain Hub.

We will be working with Digital Catapult and Loadar in this transformative programme which aims to drive innovation in the supply chain space.

What is the Digital Supply Chain Hub?

The Digital Supply Chain Hub aims to cut carbon emissions in the UK’s textile industry and advance hydrogen adoption. Collaborating with industry partners, we are tackling pressing challenges to cut emissions related to the logistics of collecting textile waste for shredding and recycling.

The project we are supporting in the Digital Supply Chain Hub focuses on optimising transportation for logistics providers. It aims to develop a tool that will enable logistics providers to optimise their truck fill through effective routing, reducing both the cost of shipments and carbon footprints.

Kristian Carter, Commercial Director at Shred Station, says:

“By participating in this project, we hope to support true innovation in the logistics industry that can be used to solve inefficiencies for textile recyclers. An effective development could even provide potential CO2e reductions across the whole logistics industry – a very exciting opportunity for the UK’s journey towards net zero”.

Tim Lawrence, Director of the Digital Supply Chain Hub, says:

“The UK’s textiles and hydrogen industries are critical to the economy, and the challenges set to be solved on this programme will play a crucial role in helping these sectors to simultaneously improve efficiency and cut cost through sustainable innovation. As sustainability remains front of mind for key stakeholders in these sectors, the tools developed and deployed on this programme will further arm the challenge sponsors with the solutions they need to meet demand from their customers and commercial partners, and will sharpen their competitive edge”.

Learn more about the projects by clicking here.

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