Can Trucks Be Eco-Friendly?

You may have seen several news articles lately stating UN’s warnings to all of us; we have twelve years to save the world from catastrophic changes in our climate.

While this may be a daunting and frightening prospect, it also gives us a purpose. We need to work together to make those fundamental changes in our environmental behaviours now, rather than postponing these changes and leaving them up to future generations.

As well as on an individual level, we firmly believe that there must also be responsibilities and duties of care undertaken by businesses, big and small.

We pride ourselves on being an environmentally conscious company. We recycle, plant trees, and also use eco-friendly trucks. But, can trucks really be eco-friendly? The good news is that, in short, the answer is yes!

All of our new trucks meet the latest Euro 6 emissions standard, and we’ve now replaced all of our existing Euro 4 trucks with Euro 6.

But what does this mean?

eco-friendly mobile shredding vehicle

To put it simply, trucks that adhere to Euro 6 emission standards produce a very small carbon footprint, and are even safe enough to be left running at the workplace with no worries about health implications. This standard came into action on 1stSeptember 2016 with the aim of making vehicles cleaner and better for the environment. When compared with Euro 5 emission standards, the Euro 6 standards ensure that vehicles comply with a reduction in Nitrogen Oxide emissions by 80%, and a 66% reduction in soot particle emissions. As well as reducing Nitrogen Oxide, there is also a required reduction in pollutants including Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons, Sulphur Dioxide and Carbon Dioxide.

Our trucks burn off their own toxins, and don’t release any of the nasty odours you might associate with older models. The science behind this is that our trucks use a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) converter, and a non-toxic solution called AdBlue to turn pollutants, such as those stated above, into water and nitrogen particles. Essentially, they convert their own waste into something that isn’t harmful.

In addition to this, we’ve already implemented an electric-powered shredding truck, and for the future we’re looking at hydrogen and battery power for our vehicles.