Simon Shred the shredding truck

Simon Shred is teaching children to protect their data!

Teaching children about safety is nothing new! As children, we were likely all taught about stranger danger. We all saw the ‘Stop, Look and Listen’ campaigns. We were all told not to do things like put knives into toasters. But with such enormous advances in technology in the last decade, we must ask ourselves, is data and identity security awareness afforded the same attention for the next generation?

Teaching children about keeping their data safe and only sharing their information with certain people is more important than ever. That’s where Simon Shred wants to help!

Who is Simon Shred?

Simon Shred is your friendly neighbourhood shredding truck. He’s on a mission to teach children about protecting their data and recycling at the same time! With his very own activity book, Simon is teaching thousands of children to protect their information and recycle their paper in a fun and interactive way. Great for getting children to think about information kept on paperwork and what that means, Simon Shred is well on his way to achieving his mission to make thinking about data fun – not something to be frightened of.

In the first issue of our Simon Shred activity books, Simon is visiting schools! If you’d like some copies of Simon Shred’s activity book for your school, get in touch today.

Stay tuned for tales of his next adventure

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