Shred Station’s New Ultra-High Security On-Site Shredding Service

Shred Station is proud to announce the launch of a new ultra-high security granulation service, exclusively available to Shred Station customers.

Our new service uses a process called granulation to destroy confidential documents beyond the point of reassembly. But what is granulation, and how does this differ from other shredding services?

Granulation is a destruction process where paper and other materials can be destroyed into very small pieces. With this service, we will attend your site with our bespoke on-site granulator vehicle which can destroy material down to 2mm.

The key security features of our granulator vehicle are listed below:

  • Fully monitored by a four-camera CCTV system
  • A built-in, state-of-the-art GPS tracking and telematics system
  • Bespoke onboard granulating documents down to 2mm
  • Ability to degauss magnetic materials onboard
  • Onboard hard drive shredder
  • Lockable cage doors in shredding compartment
  • Double-lined body for penetration security
  • Small chassis giving the vehicle the lowest clearance of any on-site shredding truck, meaning secure areas and loading bays are more accessible
  • It is the only vehicle of its kind in the UK!

There are also several additional service features that we can offer as part of our service:

  • Operating staff available vetted to Security-Check and Counter-Terrorism Check standards
  • Meets all BS EN 15713 shredding standards
  • Waste Transfer Note and Certificate of Destruction supplied immediately after shredding has taken place
  • Due to being an on-site vehicle, a member of your team can witness the shredding take place for ultimate assurance
2mm Granulation Service

This brand-new service is the first and only of its kind in the UK, showing our commitment to innovate within the data destruction industry and meet our clients’ needs.

To learn more about our ultra-high security on-site granulation service, get in touch today!

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