DAF LF fully-electric truck

Shred Station trials the DAF LF fully-electric truck

All of the shredding vehicles we use meet Euro 6 low emission standards, but we know there is more we can do to reduce the overall emissions of our fleet.

Last week, we trialled a fully-electric DAF LF truck as part of our journey into adding electric vehicles to our fleet portfolio.

Seamus Kelly, a driver at our Norwich depot, was one of the designated drivers of the DAF LF for the week. The truck has a rough range of 175 miles and for its first journey, Seamus drove it from our Norwich Depot to Thetford.

Seamus said:

“The DAF LF was great to drive. It’s a lot easier than people might think and there’s nothing to catch you out. It’s pretty rapid, so I’d say it could give drivers more confidence at roundabouts when pulling away and when fully-loaded as that can be a bit tricky at times in a conventional truck. Aside from it being quicker in the lower speeds in terms of acceleration, it’s just like any other truck… Another plus is the quietness”.

We will continue to explore the electric vehicles market after this trial and have already begun replacing our diesel forklifts with electric models.

Shred Station’s Commercial Director, Kristian Carter, says:

“One of the core pillars of our ethos is to minimise our environmental impacts and to continue to be as green as possible. Ultimately, we want to have a portion of our fleet moving over to electric when the time is right. It’s part of our ongoing journey to research and trial vehicles that could suit our specific needs. For instance, our on-site vehicles must have the power to run an onboard industrial shredder. The market is still undergoing a lot of change and growth, but as electric vehicle tech improves, we want to be at the forefront of electrifying our fleet when the technology is capable of what we need it to do.”

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