Can I shred multiple materials in one service?

If you need to book a shredding service but have multiple materials or devices to destroy, you may be wondering if it’s possible to have everything you need destroyed with just one booking. Well, we have some good news for you!

Many shredding service providers only destroy paperwork. Others can destroy non-paper materials, but you may have to book separate services. With Shred Station, however, we can destroy everything you need shredded in a single collection.

How do multiple material collections work?

When it comes to paperwork, we can shred this easily on-site at your premises or off-site at our destruction facilities. But what happens if you then have, for instance, a box of CDs to shred too?

To ensure we recycle as much material as possible, we request that any additional materials like CDs, hard drives, textiles, etc. be kept separately from paperwork.

Off-site shredding for multiple materials

Image of off-site shredding truck

If you wanted off-site shredding for ten bags of paperwork and one box of CDs, we’d request that you keep the box of CDs separate from the paper. This is because, if shredded at the same time, the mixed-in CDs would contaminate the paperwork, hindering its recyclability. For off-site shredding, we can keep the materials segregated throughout the collection process so that, at our destruction facilities, boxed CDs can be shredded in a separate industrial shredder from paper. This makes the recycling process easy.

On-site shredding for multiple materials

Image of on-site shredding truck.

If you’d prefer to have all your materials destroyed on-site, this becomes a bit more difficult. We can shred everything on-site for you if that is something you need. However, to correctly recycle the material, we may have to dedicate a vehicle especially for you to do this. This can become expensive, but this approach allows all materials to be recycled in line with our sustainability policies. Most customers prefer to have a split service, which is much more cost-effective. With a split service, we would shred all the paper on-site as desired. We’d then transport the bag of CDs or other non-paper materials back to one of our depots for off-site shredding. This is the quickest and cheapest way to destroy multiple materials in one collection while maintaining on-site destruction for the bulk of your materials.

Are there any materials that couldn’t be collected at the same time?

Whatever you have that needs shredding, we can assist.

Image of Shred Station staff and fleet.

Our national coverage and large capacity mean we can destroy hundreds of tonnes of material each day. We have many different-sized trucks, so if you have a very large quantity to shred, we can deploy articulated trucks or skip trucks. If you have 20 different types of materials to destroy, that, as with the paper and CDs example, is something we can happily arrange with you.

Get in touch with our team of shredding experts to find the easiest and most cost-effective solution to your shredding requirements.

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