Mobile Shredding Demonstration at School

Excited Pupils Take Part in Mobile Shredding Demo at Brundall Primary School

Following a competition we held recently, where local schoolchildren entered their ideas to name some of our shredding trucks, we returned to Brundall Primary School for a demonstration of Mobile Shredding. One of the winners of the truck name competition was present for the demo and was happy to be pictured alongside the truck with her winning name.

All the children were excited at the arrival of our 18 tonne DAF LF mobile shredding truck. At the time of our competition they had learned about the environmental benefits of mobile shredding and the Euro 6 specification of our shredding trucks is part of our green initiative.

Oliver Grice, Operations Manager at Shred Station, talked the children through the simple process of mobile shredding, from collection of confidential data through to the recycling of shredded material.

A few children from each class then boarded the truck to view shredding taking place. Oliver explained the shredder on-board was able to shred 3 tonnes of paper an hour and CCTV cameras were watching and recording their every move.

Following the shredding, there was much excitement as the whole class were able to see the shredded paper from the back of the truck which is capable of holding 6 tonnes of shredded paper. The demonstration shred did not even touch the sides, which prompted some of the children to return to the school building to retrieve more boxes of paper to be shredded and recycled!