How we maintain our industrial shredders

Even household shredders need regular maintenance, but industrial shredders? Maintaining these state-of-the-art machines is no easy task. Our skilled maintenance team works hard to ensure our machines are always running like clockwork.

At Shred Station, our team is our most valuable asset. Their hard work is what keeps our cogs turning – in some cases quite literally. Every company needs a ‘Handy Andy’, and our Head of Maintenance? Well, he just happens to be called Andy!

Andy Macgregor

Andy has an extremely important role at Shred Station as our Head of Maintenance. One of the core parts of Andy’s role is the maintenance of our shredding machines, which he does across the country. This includes the industrial shredders on board our on-site shredding vehicles, which need to be sharpened and maintained roughly every three months. He also takes care of our industrial depot shredders which need maintenance every week.

The ongoing maintenance of our industrial shredders means that they will stay sharp, reliable, and will be long-lasting. The team’s vital work means we can keep delivering the low-cost, high-quality shredding services that our customers expect from us and that we are very proud of.

As well as the above, Andy puts his skills to many other uses across the business. When we needed a new bicycle rack, Andy put one together in no time. He also built the very impressive cage for our GoGoDiscover T.Rex, Shredasaurus!

Our Commercial Director, Kristian Carter, said that:

“Our maintenance team, headed up by Andy, is an integral part of our business and sets us apart in the market. With their wealth of knowledge, hard work and can-do attitude, we ensure consistent running and minimal downtime across our entire estate and can respond quickly to any equipment issues that arise.”

Martin Emms, Operations Manager (left), Andy Macgregor, Head of Maintenance (middle), and Simon Franklin, Managing Director (right)

Pictured above: Martin Emms, Operations Manager (left), Andy Macgregor, Head of Maintenance (middle), and Simon Franklin, Managing Director (right).

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