What Happens to Our Old Confidential Waste Bins?

Here at Shred Station, we have a wide range of secure containers that our customers use to store their confidential waste before collection. Some of our most popular containers are our lockable bins. But what happens to the confidential waste bins once they need to be replaced?

We have been operating since 2008 and, occasionally, some of our plastic wheelie bins need to be replaced. This can be for many reasons such as updates to the locks, wheel damage, and just general wear and tear. As you may know, we have zero tolerance for landfill amongst many other environmental commitments. Our bins are no exception to that rule.


Image of different sizes of Shred Station's confidential waste bins


When the time comes for our old confidential waste bins to be disposed of, they get sent to a company based in Cambridgeshire called PLASgran.

At PLASgran, the old bins are granulated into 10-12mm chips. The small plastic chips are cleaned and compounded into pellets. These pellets are then recycled, going back into the UK plastic industry, where most go into making new wheelie bins!

You can learn more about PLASgran’s processes by watching the video below.


Our confidential waste bins and containers ensure your sensitive information is kept safe, even before shredding.

If you’d like to enquire about confidential waste bins, give us a call today on 01603 558184.

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