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Fraud Alert - Fraud is now the UK's most common crime

Fraud is the Most Common Crime in England and Wales

Fraud is now the most common crime in England and Wales, with 3,797,000 incidents reported last year. That’s 9% more than the number of fraud incidents reported in England and Wales in 2018. But why are fraud crimes on the increase, and what can we all do to protect ourselves against it? Fraud costs the.

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Image of a forest shrouded in haze

How to Reduce and Offset Your Individual Carbon Emissions

Around 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from households, with the average person’s carbon footprint being around 10 tonnes per year. That’s enough to each fill over two hot air balloons. If everyone committed to reducing carbon emissions, that could make a huge difference to the environment. As climate change gains momentum, weather conditions.

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Top Ten Tips for an Eco-Friendly Christmas blog image with three small Christmas Trees on a grey background

Top Ten Tips for an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of the year for all ages, but whether we like it or not, the festive season means a large increase in waste going to landfill. Our top ten tips for an eco-friendly Christmas will help you to reduce your environmental impacts, and could even save you a bit of cash,.

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National Tree Week UK, #TeamTrees, and More Small Image Showing Tree Sapling Growing in the Forest

National Tree Week, #TeamTrees, & More

From 23rd November – 1st December 2019, it’s National Tree Week here in the UK. While deforestation does continue to be a global issue, there is a promise of some hope on the horizon. It’s no secret that the planet is in a state of climate emergency. Complacency and irresponsible ways of living have caused.

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Data protection tips for university students

Top 7 Data Protection Tips for University Students

Freshers’ week is upon us and another year of university is about to begin. For university students of all ages, your journey into further education can be both exciting and stressful. While many students are experiencing true independence for the first time, it’s important to enjoy yourself, make new friends and find your feet. However,.

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