Recommended by Decluttering Services

Decluttering can be a daunting task – particularly if you have lots of different materials to work through. That’s why many decluttering services and professional organisers recommend Shred Station to their customers.

While clutter can be a source of stress in your living space, the act of decluttering can also be stressful. This is particularly the case with sensitive materials. How can you declutter quickly but also ensure you aren’t throwing confidential documents into general waste bins? Are old mobile phones safe to throw away? What about dusty old computers?

Regaining control of your environment is possible, and that’s why lots of professional decluttering services recommend Shred Station as a confidential information destruction service provider. Shredding is a vital step in the decluttering process. It will protect you from the risk of identity theft and provide you with the assurance that your confidential information cannot be misused. As well as shredding paper, reputable shredding businesses like Shred Station can destroy all sorts of materials. This includes IT equipment, mobile phones, cassette tapes, DVDs, and more.

We help tens of thousands of customers each year, from central government to domestic individuals. We have experience in every type of secure waste disposal you can imagine, so nothing is too much of an ask for us. So, how can shredding services make your decluttering journey easier?

How using shredding services can complete your decluttering efforts

With shredding services, you will not have to waste time removing items like staples, paper clips, or even lever-arch files. If you use a small home shredder, you will have to do this. You will also have to regularly oil your own shredding machine and let it cool down between shreds. Interruptions like this can decrease your decluttering momentum! Shredding services are easy, fast, and can be done on a one-off or regular basis to suit whatever volume of materials you need to destroy.

Reputable shredding service providers will also be able to assist you with the destruction of non-paper items. When you stumble upon old laptops, hard drives, or anything else that requires secure destruction, shredding service providers can take the stress of disposing of these items away. Just keep these separate from paperwork and your shredding service provider will do the rest.

If you are still unsure about using a shredding service provider, we advise booking an on-site service for your first time. With on-site shredding services, your materials can be destroyed outside your home onboard a specialist shredding vehicle. With on-site shredding, you will be able to witness the process and will receive a Waste Transfer Note and Certificate of Destruction immediately via email for your peace of mind.

Recommended by decluttering services.

Maintaining your new clutter-free space

So… your de-cluttering is complete and the hard work is done. Take time to enjoy your new, spacious place to live. However, keep in mind that it’s important not to slip back into old habits. Many decluttering specialists will tell you that you need to tidy your home every day, but for a lot of people, this isn’t sustainable. If you skip a day, you might feel like you have failed, and this can be demotivating. Some sustainable decluttering tips from professionals include:

Switch to paperless post where possible – Good Housekeeping.

This is great advice, and many important documents are available digitally. However, if you prefer to use paper copies, or can’t get digital copies of the documents you keep, shredding is the next best option when those documents are no longer needed. As well as keeping clutter to a minimum, this will keep your sensitive information safe.

Don’t put off clutter hotspots – Homes and Gardens.

Most decluttering services recommend that you focus first on the areas you spend the most time. This provides the most benefit in terms of creating a relaxing space to live your daily life. However, don’t forget places like storage cupboards, sheds, garages, and lofts. Often, these places are easier to organise than anticipated as they will usually contain things you haven’t used – or even seen – in years. By clearing these spaces, you also make room for any items you need to keep in the future, keeping your main living space clutter-free. Don’t forget that personal information stored on things like old computers, as well as in paperwork, should be shredded securely.

Put things back into place – Hazel Burton via Image

By putting things into place, you can keep your counters and drawers clear and prevent them from becoming a dumping ground for clutter. This is especially important for paperwork. If you see a pile of paperwork and post stacking up on your sideboard, you may be tempted to throw it all into the recycling bin without checking if it contains anything confidential or items you need to keep. Instead, file all the paperwork you need to keep and set everything else aside. Our top tip for the documents left aside is to utilise a ‘Shred Everything’ policy. By shredding everything you don’t need to keep, you can avoid the time and worry spent trying to decide if something is confidential or not.

At Shred Station, we recommend an annual or two-yearly shredding service for domestic customers. Even if you haven’t accumulated a lot of confidential waste in this time, it will help you to stay on track with secure disposal and eliminate paper clutter. Shredding suppliers like Shred Station have lots of affordable and secure service options for you to choose from, including a Ship2Shred service from just £10+VAT per envelope. We recycle 100% of the paper we shred at UK mills, operate with a strict Zero to Landfill policy, and are a lifetime CarbonNeutral® certified company. So, if you are worried about the environmental impacts of throwing your materials away, we have that covered.

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