Shred Station Shocked by Unaccredited International Industry Standards

Shred Station has recently discovered some of our competitors claim to possess British and International Standards, such as ISO9001 and ISO27001, despite their certification providers failing to be accredited by UKAS and surely rendering their standards meaningless. This can only raise the degree of risk their clients are being exposed to and reduce the safety and security of the confidential data they are handling.
Shred Station believes it’s important to ensure our operating standards have been audited and tested by a UKAS accredited organisation like bsi. to provide our customers the confidence and peace of mind they need to sign up to our services. By obtaining our standards certification through a UKAS accredited provider we can confidently tell our clients their confidential data is being handled in the most secure way possible and by a professional operator. Their confidential data is always safe in our hands.
It was with some incredulity that we discovered the quality sector was unregulated and it’s possible to short circuit what should be a water tight system. In the current procurement climate a great deal of weight is given to the possession of ISO and BS standards, but apparently with little understanding of the veracity or validity of the certificates being provided.
You can rest assured any International or British industry standard Shred Station possesses has been awarded following a full and proper process and is genuine and means something. The key message to anyone assessing a supplier is, look for the UKAS marks every time, if it isn’t there you need to ask why.