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Confidential document and data disposal

Disposing of confidential documents in a responsible and secure manner has become increasingly important over the years. Companies are obliged to comply with data protection legislation. Non-compliance can put a business at risk of large fines and even criminal prosecution. Environmental impact is another consideration in confidential waste management. Are you at risk of not.

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The Data Protection Act and Shredding Confidential Waste

Thanks to the Data Protection Act 1998, your company is responsible for the proper handling of confidential data, ensuring that it is both stored and (where necessary) destroyed correctly. Under the law (Section 55A), companies can be fined up to half a million pounds sterling for breach of this responsibility. So it’s important to know.

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NAID Study of London’s Commercial Rubbish Bins

  NAID study shows over 40% of London’s commercial rubbish bins contained highly confidential personal details.   When Members of Parliament throw out personal information they get headlines. However, it turns out that casual disposal of personal data is “business-as-usual” for many London-area institutions.   LONDON, UK – According to a study commissioned by National.

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