Domestic document shredding

The best way to guard against identity theft is to use a domestic document shredding service for any documents you no longer need.

Personal identity theft and fraud is on the rise. Criminals will do whatever it takes to get their hands on your data – and that definitely includes rooting through skips and bins in search of documents that include your personal information.

The only way to ensure your identity is protected is to destroy all personal documents you no longer need. That means bank statements, credit-card receipts, old bills, personal letters and even medical records. And the most secure way of destroying these old confidential documents is by shredding.

How we can help with domestic document shredding

We collect hundreds of bags of confidential waste from homes for shredding every day.

We have no minimum collection requirements and we shred all grades of paper, including newspapers and magazines.

Unlike small domestic shredders, our machines can chew threw through pretty much anything. So there’s no need to separate out staples or cardboard – just chuck in your manila files, card dividers, lever-arch files and ring binders.

You can fill your own bags and boxes, or if you prefer, we can supply you with securable bags. When you’re ready, we’ll make an appointment to visit your home, collect all your unwanted domestic documents, securely transport them to our state-of-the-art depots and destroy everything in our industrial shredders.

Alternatively, for additional peace of mind, our mobile shredding vehicles can shred your domestic documents at your home.

Whichever approach you choose, weuse cross-cut shredding as standard to ensure your documents are disposed of securely.

All our employees, including those visiting your home, must go through rigorous vetting and security checks in line with BS7858.

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