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Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Management Policy

1.0  Summary

1.1  Shred Station Ltd aims to achieve the highest standards of Safety, Health Environment and Quality (SHEQ); the company’s certification to ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004 and transition to 2015 standard in 2017 incorporating BS7858 (Security Screening of Individuals Employed in a Security Environment) when recruiting staff, with that of BS EN15713 (Secure Destruction of Confidential Material) when handling and destroying confidential waste, and or commitment to achieving OHSAS18001 provides evidence of this commitment.

2.0  Policy Control

2.1  This policy will be reviewed at least annually, the review will be carried out as part of the Management Review Process and when necessary updated to ensure it remains compliant with legislation and any and all changes in best practice. To maintain tight version control any changes to the Policy will be recorded in the Table below.

IssueDateDescription of VariationAuthor
V1.007/03/2017Initial version of the document supporting the policy within the SHEQ ManualKevin Barber


3.0  Roles & Responsibilities

3.1  All Management are responsible for delivering the ethos of this policy; in doing so we have identified the health and safety of its employees, contractors and visitors, maintaining the satisfaction of its interested parties, and protect the environment as essential requirements, we shall ensure the entire organisation is oriented towards achieving these goals openly and transparently.

4.0  Corporate Approaches to Risk Management

4.1  SHEQ management and risk assessment fundamentals are integrated in all business processes.

5.0  Training

5.1  Shred Station are committed to training all our employees in the appropriate use of the SHEQ management systems. Management are supported through updating of professional and managerial skills, emphasising employee evaluation and motivation.

6.0  Health and Safety

6.1  Nothing is more important than the health and safety of everyone who works for us and uses our products or services. All injuries and work- related illnesses can and must be prevented. Working safely is a condition of employment at all times.

7.0  Expectation of Interested Parties

7.1  Adopting strong Safety, Health, Environment and Quality principles in everything we do is our main competitive advantage; and we recognise the need to satisfy the requirements and expectations of interested parties.

8.0  The Environment

8.1  Committment to preventing pollution and minimizing the environmental impact of our operations is a fundamental requirement of our activities at all times, and where appropriate we shall make the most efficient use of natural resources and energy.

9.0  Legal Requirements

9.1  We recognise the importance of implementing this policy throughout the SHEQ management system, covering the entire supply chain from suppliers to customers and the proper and efficient use of our services in accordance with their agreed specifications. Shred Station Ltd commits to comply with all applicable compliance and legal requirements to which it subscribes.

10.0  Communications, Measurement

10.1  We shall communicate this policy throughout the organisation, train our employees in the appropriate use of the SHEQ management system and engage them in the regular setting, measuring and revision of objectives.

11.0  Improvement

11.1  We are committed to developing a long-term sustainable business, by improving and investing in all areas of the business; this is achieved by identifying and reviewing objectives, risks and opportunities annually at each Management Review.

12.0  Define How the Company will Respond to any Breaches of this Policy

12.1  Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the staff member(s) being disciplined in line with the Code of Conduct & Performance Policy.

13.0  Endorsement

13.1  This policy is supported and championed by the Board of Directors and managed on a daily operational basis by Shaun Studd the General Manager of Shred Station Ltd.