What to do with small quantities of confidential documents?

If you have a small number of confidential documents to destroy, you might be looking for a solution. The ideal solution you’re searching for probably doesn’t involve you having to shred your materials sheet by sheet or having to pause every time your shredder gets too hot.

We’ve already covered what to do when you have a large amount of paper to destroy, but what solutions exist for small amounts?

Illustration of confidential waste bin, postal shredding envelope and confidential waste bag.

Fully tracked postal shredding services

Ship2Shred is an ideal solution for remote workers or anyone needing to securely destroy small volumes of personal paperwork. You simply buy a pre-paid Ship2Shred envelope and fill it with up to 1kg of paperwork (about half a ream of A4). Once full, post it back to us for immediate destruction on arrival at our depot. With this service, all postage is included in the price of the envelope. You’ll also receive a Certificate of Destruction via email as proof your materials have reached our depot and have been securely destroyed. Upon reaching our depot, Ship2Shred envelopes are treated as they are with our off-site shredding services. All shredding is conducted by security-vetted personnel, in a secure building, and in line with EN 15713 shredding standards.

Off-site shredding services

If you have more than a few kilograms to shred, for example, several bags or boxes of paperwork, an off-site shredding service could be a great solution for you. With an off-site shredding service, security-vetted operatives will arrive at your premises in a discreetly branded vehicle. The operatives will be dressed in full uniform with photo ID. They will take your paperwork and place it into a locked confidential waste bin. They will then load the bin onto the vehicle. Once complete, they will ask for your signature to generate a Waste Transfer Note, which will be sent to you immediately via email. This document confirms that we have taken responsibility for your confidential waste. From there, the operative will drive back to our nearest secure depot. Your documents will be loaded into an industrial shredder and mixed with thousands of tonnes of other shredded materials.

On-site shredding services

If you’d rather your materials were shredded at your premises, we can facilitate this with an on-site service. This service is slightly more expensive than an off-site service but gives you the ultimate peace of mind of seeing your materials shredded before your eyes.

Our mobile shredding service works by using an industrial shredder that is built into our secure shredding trucks. With this service, security-vetted and uniformed operatives will arrive at your premises. They will then either load your bags or boxes directly into the onboard shredder or put them into a bin which is mechanically lifted into the shredder. The built-in shredder means our operatives can destroy your materials immediately. It also means you can witness the destruction from outside the truck at ground level. When the material exits the shredder, it enters the locked rear of the vehicle. Once in the rear, it is mixed with thousands of other document fragments. The operatives will then drive back to our depot. At our depot, we will further mix your fragments with other materials readying for baling and recycling.

With all three of the above solutions for destroying small quantities of confidential paperwork, Shred Station will ensure 100% of your paperwork is recycled at UK paper mills. Nothing we shred will ever go to landfill, and any collections we perform are CarbonNeutral® certified.

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