Shred Station is now using what3words

We are now using what3words!

At Shred Station, it’s important to us that our services are quick, easy, and cause minimal interruption. That’s why we’ve integrated what3words into our operating system.

What does this mean?

The what3words platform has divided the entire planet into 3-meter squares. Each square is roughly the size of a parking space and has been allocated a unique combination of three words. For instance, you can see the tip top of Big Ben at ///pile.liver.manual. The famous equestrian statue in Glasgow depicting the Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, also known as ‘the man with a cone on his head’, can be found at ///harp.major.option. Or, you can find the front door of our Manchester shredding depot at ///trips.employ.cheeks.

By integrating what3words into our everyday software, we can now add an exact location – down to 3 meters squared – for any service we deliver.

This will enable us to locate sites easily and navigate directly to your loading bays. We can even identify precise bin locations at larger sites like hospitals and universities.

How will it work for Shred Station customers?

If your site is hard to find or you want us to load in a specific location, just let us know the what3words location of where you need us to go and we’ll save that onto our systems. Once at your site, our shredding operatives can also register a what3words location on our system. So, if you have specific places you need your shredding bins to be situated, our operatives can note down the exact location. This will help us to streamline your collection process.

If you have any questions about our services or want us to add what3words locations to your account, please get in touch.

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