Service Tracking with Shred Station

After extensive testing and development, we are pleased to report that our new service tracking system is live.

At Shred Station, one of the core pillars of our ethos is to lead the UK’s Information Destruction industry through excellent customer service and innovation. The seamlessness of your service is extremely important to us. So, to make the management of your services even easier, we have developed a brand-new tracking system.

How will the tracking system work?

With the new tracking system, you’ll no longer need to phone us to receive an estimated time of arrival. The system will work by emailing you the night before, confirming that your service your service has been scheduled for the day ahead and letting you know what collection number you are on our driver’s route.

You will even be able to view live tracking by clicking on a secure link included within the email. On our live tracker, you can view the job number our driver is currently on and your collection number, giving you a better idea of when we’ll be on our way. If you don’t want to use our live tracking system, that’s completely fine. You’ll still receive an email when you are the next customer on our driver’s route as usual.

How is the tracking system different from typical tracking systems?

With many tracking systems, you would open the tracker and be able to see your delivery driver’s live location on a map. This type of tracking isn’t suitable for shredding companies as sharing live location data could pose a security risk.

While we can’t show you our driver’s exact location, this new system will give you a much better idea of when to expect us. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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