The Data Protection Act and Shredding Confidential Waste

Thanks to the Data Protection Act 1998, your company is responsible for the proper handling of confidential data, ensuring that it is both stored and (where necessary) destroyed correctly. Under the law (Section 55A), companies can be fined up to half a million pounds sterling for breach of this responsibility. So it’s important to know.

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Shred Station Shocked by Unaccredited International Industry Standards

Shred Station has recently discovered some of our competitors claim to possess British and International Standards, such as ISO9001 and ISO27001, despite their certification providers failing to be accredited by UKAS and surely rendering their standards meaningless. This can only raise the degree of risk their clients are being exposed to and reduce the safety.

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Shred Station Supports Canaries with Capital One Cup Game Sponsorship

On 26 September 2012, Shred Station sponsored the Norwich v Doncaster game in the fourth round of the Capital One Cup Game. Present during the match at Carrow Road with the Shred Station team, Simon Franklin, CEO of Shred Station, was delighted to witness Alex Tettey’s debut goal which gave Norwich victory over League One.

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