How does degaussing work?

Degaussers are machines that erase the data from hard drives. Using powerful electromagnetic currents, they render hard drives unusable. So, how does a degausser work? To understand how degaussers work, first, we have to understand how hard drives work. Hard drives store your data on something called a platter. The platter is the part of.

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Our Employees of the Quarter, 2021.

Our Employees of the Quarter – 2021 Q3

At Shred Station, we’re incredibly proud of our team of staff. Their dedication to customer satisfaction, industry knowledge, and hard work is second-to-none. That’s why, each quarter, to recognise the efforts of our teams, we have a peer-voted Employee of the Quarter award. This encourages our teams to share positive comments about their peers across.

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Document with magnifying glass

Things you shouldn’t shred.

It may seem strange, a shredding service provider advising you not to shred your confidential materials. While we certainly do recommend a Shred Everything policy for all documents you no longer need, there are some things you shouldn’t shred. At the forefront of things you shouldn’t shred comes all documents and identification materials that you.

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National Shred Day logo

BSIA’s National Shred Day – 2nd October 2021

Shred Station will be taking part in the UK’s inaugural National Shred Day! Taking place on Saturday 2nd October 2021, shredding companies across the UK will be hosting community shredding events to help both businesses and individuals securely destroy their confidential paperwork. Launched and organised by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) in collaboration with.

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Image of Dan Varga, Shred Station's Manchester depot's depot manager.

Shred Station’s Manchester shredding depot: Two years on

The doors of Shred Station’s Manchester shredding depot have been officially open for over two years. But, with a pandemic, several lockdowns and now national driver shortages, how has the depot fared in terms of delivering shredding services across Manchester and beyond? We spoke with Dan Varga, the Manchester shredding depot manager, to find out. How has the last.

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