Data Security in the Financial Services Industry

Hackers and identity thieves deliberately target financial services in an attempt to access the abundance of monetary information they hold.  Because of this, financial organisations have historically encountered information security challenges. To stay protected, financial services must ensure they are taking steps to handle their confidential data in line with GDPR. This goes for all.

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Shred Station Receives CarbonNeutral® Certification

Shred Station has received CarbonNeutral® certification by working with Natural Capital Partners. This certification demonstrates our net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol. It is the global standard for carbon neutral programmes, and we are very proud to have received this credential. Experts in the delivery of solutions for positive impacts on.

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Five Ways to Protect Against Identity Theft

Identity crime is a broad term which usually takes the form of identity theft. It often includes counterfeiting documents or misusing genuine identification and financial assets such as someone else’s bank card. Once someone has gathered enough information to unlawfully create or steal an identity, they can use this to commit financial fraud. They can.

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