Our Employees of the Quarter – 2021 Q2

We understand how important it is to recognise the hard work of our teams. Our peer-voted Employee of the Quarter award encourages our staff across the UK to share positive feedback about their colleagues, with each winner receiving a gift voucher and company-wide recognition of their efforts. The award also gives visibility to all areas of the business and lets the whole company know about good news, hard work, and the successes happening at each depot.

For the first time ever, we have a tie at one of our depots! As both employees have been exceptional this quarter, we have decided both will receive the award and associated prize.

Our Employees of the Quarter for Q2 of 2021 are…

  • Kevin Brown – Harlow Shredding Depot
  • Gary Raraty – Harlow Shredding Depot
  • Rob Davies – Manchester Shredding Depot
  • Lloyd Quinton – Norwich Shredding Depot
  • Dan Varga – Office and Remote

Massive congratulations to each of the five winners, and a heartfelt thank you for their dedication over the last quarter.

Kevin Brown – Harlow Shredding Depot

Kevin Brown is one of our collection operatives, based at our Harlow Shredding Depot. His day-to-day duties include driving to customers’ premises and collecting their confidential materials for on-site or off-site shredding. He receives regular praise from our customers in online reviews and has won a lot of praise from his peers this quarter, too.

Here are just a few of the reasons Kevin’s peers voted for him this quarter:

“Kevin stepped up to the game and is an amazing team player”.
“Super helpful”.
“He goes over and beyond”.

Gary Raraty – Harlow Shredding Depot

Gary Raraty is another of our Harlow Shredding Depot’s collection operatives. Specialising in the collection and destruction of confidential materials, Gary has helped hundreds of customers safely dispose of their confidential paperwork throughout his time at Shred Station.

Here’s why Gary’s peers voted for him:

“Gary is always happy to help others out and is also very hardworking”.
“He gets on with everything with minimal complaints”.
“Gary follows the process correctly and always does things properly”.

Rob Davies – Manchester Shredding Depot

Rob Davies is one of our warehouse operatives at our Manchester Shredding Depot. He specialises in all things shredding, keeping on top of warehouse safety, and the movement of bales. Our warehouse operatives have a very physically demanding job, and Rob has received personal praise this month from the company’s founder and managing director for his outstanding efforts.

Here are just a few reasons Rob snagged the winning vote for his depot:

“Some great work from Rob recently”.
“Voting for Rob for his exceptional performance in the past couple of months”.
“He always helps without any objection no matter what”.
“Rob has a great attitude and is the most improved in my opinion”.

Lloyd Quinton – Norwich Shredding Depot

Lloyd Quinton is our Norwich Warehouse Manager and has been with Shred Station since 2014. He makes sure all of the paper that comes back into our Norwich depot for destruction and baling is destroyed quickly, safely, and gets sent off to UK recycling mills once destroyed.

Here are a few reasons Lloyd’s peers voted for him:

“Lloyd has a very warm personality and is always nice to everyone in the office when he comes up”.
“Keeps everything running”.
“My little hero”.

Dan Varga – UK Office and Remote Staff

Dan Varga is our Manchester Depot Manager and has been with the company since 2015. Originally joining the company as a Driver’s Mate, Dan now oversees the entire operations of our Manchester Shredding Depot, successfully managing drivers, drivers’ mates and also warehouse operatives.

Dan received a huge amount of votes this month, a handful of which are below:

“Machine! That’s all that needs to be said”.
“I voted for Dan again as he is always responsive, attentive to his colleagues and has had great feedback from his staff. I can also trust him to get back to me promptly if there is anything needed. Thanks, Dan!!”.
“Dan has worked tremendously hard over the last few months, particularly through some tough issues – he is always helpful and communicates effectively with everyone to make sure issues are resolved”.
“Where would we be without you?”.

Congratulations again to this quarter’s winners!

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