Data destruction goes beyond just paper

Meeting data protection legislation within a company means more than just disposing of paperwork.

Personal and confidential data is stored across many different formats of electronic media. Hard drives, X-rays, data tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, floppy discs and USB sticks are just a small sample of the things you should consider for media destruction. These require the same attention to dispose of securely as you may currently only give your paper documentation, not just to meet legislation requirements but also to protect your business identity and company secrets.

Erasing media does not guarantee the eradication of all data, whereas destruction of the media does.

Shred Station purpose built a mobile shredder to handle the task of hard drive destruction without leaving your business premises. The Mobile shredding facility is capable of destroying down to 6mm particles. Our Off Site shredding facility can be altered to meet alternative requirements.

Consideration of the environment is important and, following destruction, the material is sent to an Energy Waste Plant and incinerated, producing electricity to power homes across the UK via the National Grid.