Image of the Shred Station staff who are participating in a bake off in aid of Young Lives vs Cancer

Shred Station to bake in aid of Young Lives vs Cancer!

On Sunday 21st April, Shred Station’s Scott Taylor will be running the London Marathon in aid of a charity close to his heart – Young Lives vs Cancer. To help Scott achieve his fundraising goal, the Shred Station team is having a bake-off, with all bake sale money going to this worthy cause.

On Monday 18th March, the Shred Station team will be selling their baked goods to raise money in aid of Young Lives vs Cancer. As well as being able to enjoy cake all day, the bakers will also be in with a chance of winning a highly unusual paper-related prize… stay tuned in with our social media channels for more information and to find out who wins on the day!

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Without further ado, let’s meet the bakers.

The bakers are:


Christian is an HSEQ Coordinator at Shred Station. He is envied around the office for regularly bringing in deliciously aromatic homemade lunches for his team. He is also known to enjoy all things spicy. He did try to tell us “I can’t cook” when we initially tried to recruit him for the bake-off. Minutes later, however, he confessed that he spent many years as a head chef in his younger years! We couldn’t let him get away with that! We can’t wait to see what Christian makes and hope he doesn’t get revenge on us by giving us spicy cookies…


Dawn is an MI Reports Administrator at our Norwich head office. She is a previous winner of one of our office bake-offs, impressing us in the past with her homemade sausage rolls. Dawn is a fan of the classics but is also very creative, so we aren’t sure what to expect from her this time. We do know, however, that she is capable of winning. Will it be a double victory for Dawn in Shred Station bake-off history?


Deanna is another one of our amazing HSEQ Coordinators. While she may spend her days preventing hazards, she herself is on fire in the kitchen! She too participated in our most recent bake-off and blew us all away with her chocolate sandwich biscuits. They went down a storm; blink and you would have missed them. Could Deanna take home the mysterious prize this time? We think she stands a very good chance!


Emily is Shred Station’s Marketing Manager. She loves baking and cooking in general but doesn’t like writing about herself much. Instead, she will use this space to say:

“Good luck in your marathon, Scotty. We are behind you every step of the way. Not literally, though. That sounds awful.”


Izzy is a relatively new addition to our Customer Service Team but has already established herself as a valued colleague, incredible baker, and general good egg. She has brought in lovely cookies and brownies for the head office team in the past few months, and we can’t wait to see what she makes this time!


Kristian is Shred Station’s Commercial Director. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Kristian is getting stuck right in with this bake-off. Baking lives amongst his repertoire of many skills, and in a previous bake-off Kristian baked cupcakes. These were very well received by the team, and we expect more great things this time around.


Louise is a fabulous member of our Accounts team and joined us in July 2023 as a Credit Controller. She is very good fun, makes us all laugh, and has excellent problem-solving skills. But is she any good at baking? We will soon find out.


Nicole is another one of our wonderful Customer Service Advisors. A keen traveller, master joke-teller, and all-round lovely human being, it’s a wonder that Nicole has any time to bake at all! Nicole will be travelling home from Salzburg the Friday before the bake-off and has alluded to the fact that her chocolate orange fudge may have an Austrian twist… Intriguing! As well as baking, Nicole enjoys many hobbies like running. She says:

“These things go hand-in-hand. It’s always nice to reward running in the rain and cold with a home-baked goodie! I hope we help Scott reach his goal for donations as I think he’s doing an incredible thing… he’s really going the extra mile…”


Oli is Shred Station’s Operations Director. He has worked here for over 15 years and, aside from our founder, is Shred Station’s longest-standing employee. Despite this, we have yet to see something baked or cooked by his own hands! We are hoping to finally see an Oliver Grice creation for this bake-off, and we are sure that, if his baking stills are in line with his can-do attitude and unrivalled charisma (and if he has some assistance from his other half), he could be our star baker!


Orinta is an Accounts Administrator at Shred Station. She is extremely kind and can multi-task and spin metaphorical plates as if she has superhuman abilities. But can baking fit into her juggling act, or will the dreams of bake-off victory come crashing down around her? We aren’t sure what Orinta is going to bake yet, but we have no doubts about her capabilities. Frankly, we’re a little nervous that other contestants will throw in the towel before the aprons even go on when they hear Orinta is their competition!


Ross is Shred Station’s Finance Director. As well as being skilled with numbers, he also happens to be a magnificent baker. Yet another member of the team who has taken part in charity bake-offs, Ross has previously bestowed upon us some excellent blondies and cornflake cakes. He could well be a winning contender this time!


Sarah is another one of our very brainy Accounts Administrators. She has been with Shred Station for over 12 years and is very much a part of the furniture. Like Ross, Sarah is amazing with both numbers and baking. Sarah has brought in an array of amazing creations over the years, and we are sure whatever she bakes will be delicious.


Scott – the marathon man himself – is an Accounts Assistant at Shred Station Norwich. He has worked incredibly hard to train for his first marathon. We are all so proud of him and happy to be baking for this worthy cause. While he has told us he is enlisting the help of his soon-to-be-wife for the bake-off, we think he could be a secret baking maestro. But, even if he isn’t, he’ll at least need some fuel to get him over the finish line… Cha-ching!

If you want to support Scott’s fundraiser for Young Lives vs Cancer, you can click this link or scan the QR code below.

QR code to support Scott Taylor's Fundraiser

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