Mobile Shredding

Secure mobile shredding service - we come to you and shred on-site! Collecting and shredding confidential data onsite at your premises is fast, cost-effective and security is guaranteed. See how easy it is...

1. Collection

Lockable bins or bags are supplied for regular collections, or alternatively we offer a one-off collection of bagged, boxed or palletised material.

2. Security Vetted Staff

Our uniformed and security-vetted staff transfer all documents in sealed containers to our mobile shredding vehicle.

3. Mobile Shredding

Once behind secure doors, our operatives place the data directly into the shredder located on board.

4. Certificate of Destruction

A Certificate of Destruction and Waste Transfer Note are issued, confirming the safe destruction of your data in compliance with European standards.

5. Recycling

Shredded paper is removed from site, baled at our depot and sent to a UK mill for recycling.

Mobile Shredding Infographic
Mobile Shredding Infographic - small version

At Shred Station® mobile shredding gives you the reassurance of on-site shredding, at your location, wherever and whenever you need it.

Whether you’re an individual or a company, you run a real risk of identity theft or criminal prosecution, expensive fines and irreparable reputational damage if you don’t comply with your legal obligation to dispose of confidential waste.

With mobile shredding, you can make sure you’re safe, secure and fully compliant while enjoying the reassurance of seeing your confidential waste destroyed right before your eyes.

Wherever you are in the UK, we can come to your home or business and shred whatever you need to dispose of – not just paper, we can shred just about anything. See our shredding services page for more information.

Our mobile shredding machines can easily get through more than 400,000 sheets (160 boxes or 800 reams) of paper every hour. There’s no need for you or your employees to waste time taking paper out of boxes or plastic wallets, or painstakingly removing paper clips and staples – everything goes in the machine.

All paper is sent to a UK recycling mill after shredding, while other materials are incinerated to generate electricity for the National Grid.

When your mobile shredding is complete, we will issue you with a Waste Transfer Note and a Certificate of Destruction to confirm that your material has been securely destroyed and confirm your compliance with European Standard EN15713.

Another option is to have your confidential waste collected and shredded at our depot with our off-site shredding service. You may find our shredding services guide useful to determine your requirements.

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