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Off-Site Shredding

With our off-site shredding service, we collect your confidential data and transport to our secure shredding depot to be destroyed. Secure off-site shredding is guaranteed to protect your data security and extremely cost-effective. See how easy it is...

1. Collections

Lockable bins or bags are supplied for regular off site shredding collections, or alternatively we offer a one off collection of bagged, boxed or palletised material.

2. Sealing For Transportation

Our uniformed and security-vetted operative will transfer all off site shredding material into our secure vehicle before sealing for transportation.

3. Shredding At Our Depot

On arrival at our secure facilities, documents will be shredded.

4. Certificate of Destruction

A Certificate of Destruction and Waste Transfer Note are then provided, confirming the safe destruction of your data in compliance with all European standards.

5. Recycling

Shredded paper is then removed from site, baled and sent to UK mills for recycling.

Offsite Shredding

With security of your business and personal information at stake, it’s important to know that confidential data is disposed of safely. Ensuring security standards are never compromised, Shred Station provides a secure collection and off-site shredding service which protects data at every stage of the disposal process.

Retrieved by our security-vetted staff, your off site shredding is transported to our secure facilities by a satellite tracked and unmarked collection vehicle. Enforcing tough security measures, a Waste Transfer Note will be issued before departing your site, providing reassurance that the integrity of your confidential data will not be jeopardised.

Arriving at our secure facilities, equipped with 24 hour CCTV and located within secure perimeters, confidential data is instantly processed through our shredders in accordance with the European Standard EN15713. A Certificate of Destruction is then issued before all paper is sent to a UK recycling mill.

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