Mobile Shredding


Companies and individuals who ignore their legal obligation to secure document destruction, risk criminal prosecution, hefty fines and reputational damage. Consequently, Shred Station has experienced a surge in demand for its mobile shredding services. Providing customers with peace of mind, our mobile shredding service allows clients to watch the disposal of their documents within the comfort of their own premises.


A fast and efficient process, our shredding machines destroy over 2000kg of material an hour with ease. Our efficiency prevents employees wasting valuable time removing items from boxes and plastic wallets or removing paperclips and staples – we handle it all!


Professional throughout the entire secure disposal process, on completion of the shredding our uniformed and security-vetted staff confirm your compliance with the European Standard EN15713, by issuing a Waste Transfer Note and Certificate for Destruction. All shredded paper is then sent to a UK recycling mill.


Recycling and environment

Our range of bins

Lockable bins or bags are supplied for regular collections, or alternatively we offer a one-off collection of bagged, boxed or palletised material.
Confidential waste bin

Our uniformed and security-vetted staff transfer all documents in sealed containers to our mobile shredding vehicle.
On-site shredding machine

Once behind secure doors, our operative place the data directly into the shredder located on board.
Certificate of destruction

A Certificate of Destruction and Waste Transfer Note are issued, confirming the safe destruction of your data in compliance with European standards.
Waste paper bail

Shredded paper is removed from site, baled and sent to a UK mill for recycling.

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