Unwanted digital media
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Hard Drive & Media Destruction


Do you know confidential information stored on items such as hard drives, memory sticks and CDs have become primary targets for media theft? Do you know erasing hard drives and other media does not guarantee the eradication of all data?


Hard Drive Destruction

Any single hard drive holds enough data when printed to cover ten football pitches, making hard drive disposal necessary in protecting confidential data. Often mistakenly overlooked, Shred Station supplies hard drive destruction, minimising the risk of data being compromised.


Both off-site and mobile shredding services available for hard drive destruction, Shred Station undertakes hard drive shredding in our purpose-built mobile shredder, destroying particles to 16mm, or alternatively in our secure facilities, where the security level can be altered to your requirements.


Experienced in secure disposal, ensures we record serial numbers and issue a Certification of Destruction, before sending all hard drives for recycling.


Media Destruction

Items and equipment such as x-rays, tapes, CDs and memory sticks are all types of confidential data that should also be considered for media destruction.


Delivering a full-scale service beyond simply paper shredding services, we have the expertise and equipment to be able to safely destruct all media, either in a mobile shredding vehicle or at one of our secure facilities.


Following the completion of data destruction, all material is sent to an Energy from Waste Plant, where it is burnt to produce electricity and sent to the National Grid to power homes across the UK.